The Max Fuel Saver - FAQ's

Q. 1 How long is the life of my Fuel Saver?
Put simply, longer than the life of your vehicle.

Q. 2 Will the Fuel Saver adversely affect the computer in my vehicle?
Not if the Fuel Saver is fitted in the correct position as doing so ensures plenty of distance between the Fuel Saver and the computer.

Q. 3 Is there anything I should do after installing my Fuel Saver?
Not usually. You should however bear in mind that the Fuel Saver is not designed as a "Quick-Fix". If your vehicle needs a service or oil change we strongly advise you to ensure that this is done prior to installing the Fuel Saver.

Q. 4 How long will it take before I see an improvement in my mileage?
You should notice a change almost immediately. The mileage may change during the "Settling In" period. The average "Settling In" period is 1000km, but the length of the period will depend on how hard you drive your vehicle.

Q. 5 My vehicle makes knocking and pinging noises. Will the Fuel Saver stop this?
As we always say, the Fuel Saver is not a "Quick-Fix". If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle, you should have those seen to before fitting the Fuel Saver to it.

Q. 6 Do I have to use high octane or can I use low octane fuel?
Some manufacturers recommend high octane fuel, whereas other vehicles can run on either. The Fuel Saver works with all fuel types, but if you want to use a lower octane fuel to save even more money, we suggest you complete the "Settling In" before you start using lower octane fuel.

Q. 7 How does the Fuel Saver work?
The resonance frequency created by the Fuel Saver realigns the hydrocarbons in your fuel which means the fuel burns more efficiently. The result is more mileage, less pollution and a smoother running engine.

Q. 8 Can I install the Fuel Saver on my vehicle myself and how long will it take me to do it?
"No Tools, Just Snap It On". You can do it yourself by following our instructions, or you can get your mechanic to fit it. Either way it should not take longer than 1 minute.

Q. 9 Can the Fuel Saver be fitted to my vehicle?
Yes. The Fuel Saver can be fitted to all cars, scooters, motorcycles, autorickshaws, buses, ambulances, trucks, earthmoving equipment, generators, locomotives/trains. With larger capacity engines such as large truck and bus engines, we recommend that you consult your local dealer, as more than one Fuel Saver is often used with such large engines so as to optimize both efficiency and fuel savings.

Q. 10 Why is the Fuel Saver different to other similar products?
Because it actually does what we say it can do and we challenge you to find a similar product at a cheaper price.

Q. 11 Will I improve the horsepower of my vehicle by fitting the Fuel Saver?
The Fuel Saver is all about "fuel efficiency". You will note that increased horsepower is not one of the advantages we claim. However, it is common to find a horsepower increase.

Q. 12 How long will my Fuel Saver last?
Hundreds of years. Will your vehicle last that long?

Q. 13 The engine of my vehicle is air-cooled. Will the Fuel Saver work on my vehicle?

Q. 14 How soon will I start to see the results?
You should see them immediately, but you will see more consistent results after the "Settling In" period which is normally 1,000km.

Q. 15 Will the Fuel Saver help with my A/C lag?
Yes. You will notice an immediate improvement after you have fitted it.

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